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The Magic of Oz [Jun. 25th, 2010|08:06 pm]
Twelve Months of Reading


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I gave this book 2 stars.  This was the first of two books published after L Frank Baum died.  It was also the first book after WW I and has a very nice dedication to the Children of Our Soldiers, the Americans, and their Allies.

Enjoyed the masochism in the opening chapter that reads "...but he reflected that Ozma was a girl and some time might change her mind..."

More digs on 1919 pop culture makes me giggle:
"I have given it a dandy title...I shall call the song: 'When Ozma Has a Birthday, Everybody's Sure to be Gay, for She Cannot Help the Fact That She was Born."
"That's a pretty long title, Scraps," said Dorothy.
"That makes it stylish...Now-a-days the titles are sometimes longer than the songs."

I made some note of the Lonesome Duck having the only Diamond Palace in the world.  I'm not sure why I thought that was important but it is another unpleasant Baum character that I actually enjoy :).