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The Scarecrow of Oz - Twelve Months of Reading [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Twelve Months of Reading

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The Scarecrow of Oz [Jun. 23rd, 2010|11:35 pm]
Twelve Months of Reading



I don't know if you guys are on goodreads but that's the best place to keep up on my reading from here on out.  Plus you can also see the ratings I gave these stories as I read them.  Just mentioning it cause it's kind of a cool site on it's own and also it's been a while since I read these stories and even using the notes I've got in the margins may not be all that interesting or informative in terms of what I got out of the book in the moment.  According to goodreads I gave this book 2 stars.  And here's my notes:

It's cool that he opens with another note regarding future incorporation of characters from his other books just like in Tik-Tok.  And, true to form, the characters show up. :)

I like that there's an Ork in this story.  No relation to Lord of the Rings.

Oh I love a good pun like when they met the Bumpy Man who's known as the Mountain Ear.  I also love that his expletives are baked goods "fruit-cake and apple-sauce!" "gingerbread and lemon-juice!"

The description of the evil "Blinkie" witch who was old and ugly and had an eye patch really seemed to remind me of the description of the Wicked Witch of the West in the first book.

"Your voice sounds like a refrig'rator"  Another comment on modern inventions in what seems like a negative light.  Amusing.  As is the entire concept of the magic picture frame where you can see people just like a television.  Though of course there's no negative connotation with the picture frame cause it's not commenting on anything that actually existed at the time.