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The Lost Princess of Oz - Twelve Months of Reading [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Twelve Months of Reading

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The Lost Princess of Oz [Jun. 24th, 2010|12:22 am]
Twelve Months of Reading


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I gave this one 3 stars.  I think I preferred this story over some of the others because it used characters we knew and cared about, but in a different way.  Plus there's two concrete stories of travelling to resolve a mystery that compliment each other.  Of course the hero's journey elements are the same but it's a formula that worked for 15 books so who am I to knock that.

Nice little thoughtful lesson: "Dangers don't hurt us.  Only things that happen ever hurt anyone, and a danger is a thing that might happen and might not happen and sometimes don't amount to shucks. "

I like a White Rabbit showing up to lead the way in what feels like an homage to Alice in Wonderland.  I also like his line "I'm not afraid for myself...It's you I'm worried about."

I enjoy when Baum has sassy characters and the woman who tells the Frogman to piss off makes me giggle.
"In the Yip Country where I am more honored and powerful than any King could be, people weep with joy when I ask them to feed me."
"Then that's the place to go for your breakfast."
"I fear you do not realize my importance...Exceeding wisdom renders me superior to menial duties."
"It's a great wonder to me...that your wisdom doesn't inform you that you'll get no breakfast here."

And a thoughtful observation by the Scarecrow to wrap up this book "I often feel sorry for the meat people, many of whom are my friends.  Even the beasts are happier than they, for they require less to make them content."